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PATA Cable and Connectors – Everything You Need to Know About!

PATA Cable and Connectors – Everything You Need to Know About!

When it comes to the internal connectors, PATA Cables or Parallel ATA Cables are something that gives you a reliability. While we are getting more advanced with every day passing, computers are quite frequent with us. But not many of us are aware of the internal integral parts of computers which play the role of a silent hero when we run our computers. So, today, I am going to depict an important part of internal computer component – PATA Cable.

What is PATA Cable

PATA Cable is the IDE Standard used for building a connection between storage devices like hard drives and optical drives to the Motherboard. It’s worth mentioning that the Parallel ATA or PATA was called only ATA at its earlier stage when it was first introduced but with the invention of much advanced Serial ATA or SATA Cable, individuals called it PATA to specify and differ these two.

Though both the PATA and SATA Cables are IDE Standards, PATA often referred to as the IDE cables and connectors which is totally wrong but hugely used.

Physical Description of PATA

  • PATA Cables are the 40-Pin connector flat cables which stay at any end of the cable.
  • The IDE labeled end of the PATA cable is generally plugged into the port of a Motherboard and the other end is plugged into the back of the storage device such as a hard drive.
  • You can find some PATA Cables with an additional connector midway! This connector is used to connect another storage device.

More About PATA

  • PATA Cables and Connectors have its own power connector called Molex.
  • The maximum length of the PATA Cable is 457 mm or 18 inches.
  • Using a SATA to Molex power connector adapter will enable you to use an older PATA device with a 15-pin cable connecting the power supply.
  • Using IDE or USB Adapter would allow you to make a connection between the PATA Hard drive and Computer through USB.

Advantages of a PATA Cable

PATA Cable and Connectors – Everything You Need to Know About!

  • One of the most beneficial advantages of a PATA Cable is its ability to connect two devices to the cable at the same time. One is to the device 0 and another is to the device.
  • Unlike the SATA Cables, PATA doesn’t need any device driver to function with its full capacity. And Windows 95 and 98 support PATA, so, if you’re a user of any of these two systems, you can use it with ease.

So, this was all about PATA Cables and Connectors which work on connecting your computer’s Motherboard to the storage devices. While PATA is quite an older version of ATA and IDE Standards, SATA Cables are the latest trend and invention in the market that can improve your computer’s connectivity and performance with its awesome functionalities and features.If you want to read more about the SATA Cables, you can visit Layerpoint where they have written an in-depth article about SATA Cable and everything about the IDE Standard from the advantages to the details. I am quite certain that reading the article would definitely enhance your knowledge about one of the most important aspects of a functional computer – SATA Cable.